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Optional Cruise Excursion Information

Budapest by Bike (Discovery Package) - From the ship, you'll set out to explore Budapest by bike. You'll see all the important sights of the city on an easy-paced ride, cycling through the historical center of Hungarian culture. You'll pass in front of the basilica, Liberty Square, the Hungarian Parliament Building, the City Park, Vajdahunyad Castle, Heroes Square, and many other of the legendary sites in Budapest. Duration approx. 2 hours

2020 Prices - £42.00 Pre Booked / £47.00 On Board

2021 Prices - £46.00 Pre Booked / £52.00 On Board



Hiking Tour of Bratislava - The Little Carpathians (Discovery Tour)  - You'll leave by coach from Devínska Nová Ves for a hike in the Little Carpathians Protected Landscape Area, including the geographically rich Sandberg expanse. From Devin Castle, you'll take in the splendid view of Bratislava. After our hike, you'll return to the ship - Duration approx. 3 hours

2020 Prices - £37.00 Pre Booked / £41.00 On Board

2021 Prices - £42.00 Pre Booked / £46.00 On Board

Guided Tour of the Hofburg, Residency of the Hapsburg & Sisi Museum (Classic & Discovery Packages) - Departure by coach with your local guide. You will discover the Hofburg, which is also known for having been during 600 years the "Winter Residency" of the Habsburgs. Over the course of their reign, they turned this small 13th century fortress into a colossal and beautiful palace. The different buildings today mostly house museums and the gardens, dotted with monuments, have become the Volksgarten and the Burggarten.  You will climb up the Emperor's Staircase to reach the Sisi Museum which extends over six rooms that have been equipped to solely center on Elisabeth's private life. Here numerous personal items that once belonged to Elisabeth are used to help illustrate the true personality of the frequently misunderstood Empress - Duration approx. 3 hours

2020 Prices - £47.00 Pre Booked / £52.00 On Board

2021 Prices - £55.00 Pre Booked / £61.00 On Board

Guided Tour of Vienna by Night (Classic & Discovery Packages) - Discover Vienna by night with a panoramic coach tour. This two-thousand-year-old city is a true open-air museum. Vienna embodies Romanticism through its powerful architecture and numerous monuments. We'll take the famous Ring which encircles historic Vienna, on the right bank of the Danube. Our coach will go past a multitude of buildings that were erected under the old Austro-Hungarian monarchy: the Opera, the City Hall, the Hofburg and many official buildings. We will stop at Schwarzenbergplatz with a monument in honour of Johann Strauss. Then, a walk around Albertina quarter will allow us to admire Hofburg Palace, the winter residence of the Habsburgs which today houses the Sisi Museum, as well as the Augustinian Church where Franz Joseph and Sisi's wedding was conducted. Return to the boat by coach - Duration approx. 2 hours

2020 Prices - £28.00 Pre Booked / £31.00 On Board

2021 Prices - £31.00 Pre Booked / £34.00 On Board

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All shore excursions are subject to availability at the time of booking and minimum numbers.

We recommend that appropriate footwear is worn on all excursions.

Guided Tour of Budapest (Classic Package) - In the company of our guides, we will leave for a panoramic tour of Budapest, the Pearl of the Danube. First we will head for the hills of Buda by crossing the Elizabeth Bridge and we will go up to the Castle quarter, from where we'll enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of the city. We will walk round the castle quarter and on to the Fisherman's Bastion, built in neo-Roman style in 1902 for the simple pleasure of offering a panoramic view over the city and the Danube. Behind the Bastion, we will find Matthias Church which notably was the venue for the coronation of Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife "Sissi". Our coach will then take us down to the plains of Pest. There, we will visit Heroes' Square whose central monument depicting Prince Arpad and the chieftains of seven Magyar tribes was built for the millennium of Hungary. We will pass by the famous Szechenyi thermal baths, the zoo - a true piece of architecture - Vajdahunyad Castle and more. We will walk through the famous Andrassy Avenue and pass by St. Stephen's Basilica whose construction began in 1851 and was only completed in 1905. We will walk along the river and see the famous Parliament building overlooking the Danube with its white silhouette in the Byzantine and neo-Gothic styles. Return on board - Duration approx. 4 hours

2020 Prices - £25.00 Pre Booked / £28.00 On Board

2021 Prices - £28.00 Pre Booked / £31.00 On Board

Full Day in Puszta with lunch Included (Classic & Discovery Packages) - Departure by coach in the company of your guides to Lajosmisze and the Puszta. Riding aboard a charabanc - a traditional horse-drawn carriage with wooden benches - you'll be amazed by the wonderful landscapes and unusual fauna of the Puszta. In a small part of the Hungarian Steppe, you'll get to observe Racka sheep with their spiral-shaped horns, Mangalica pigs with their curly coats and Hungarian Grey cattle with their long, curved horns, as well as rare species of birds. In the course of your visit, you'll get the chance to attend a traditional horse show while tasting* "palinka" (plum eau-de-vie) and some "pogacsa" (small savory buns) as well as mineral water, sheltered from the sun under a thatched roof. The csikós, the mounted horse-herdsmen of Hungary dressed in traditional blue attire, will invite you to take part in their "games of skill and ability”. For lunch, you'll be able to taste local specialties served in a "czardas” (a traditional tavern) surrounded by Hungarian musicians. Afterwards, you'll set out for a visit of Kecskemét on foot. Located in the central part of Hungary, the city shelters various Fine Arts institutes. Several of its buildings have given the city its fame. You'll be able to admire the Cifrapalota - a palace in Rococo style ornate with colorful patterns and flowers - that is today home to the Kecskemét Art Gallery, as well as the impressive City Hall, the former Synagogue that was turned into an office building by the Soviets, and more. Return on board by coach - Duration approx. 7.5 hours

2020 Prices - £70.00 Pre Booked / £78.00 On Board

2021 Prices - £80.00 Pre Booked / £89.00 On Board

Guided Tour of Bratislava (Classic Package) - Bratislava, before becoming the capital of independent Slovakia in 1993 was first of all the capital of Hungary from 1536 to 1784 under the name of Presburg. It then belonged to Czechoslovakia before becoming the capital of the "Slovak Socialist Republic" as part of Czechoslovakia between 1969 and 1992. Along with your guides, you will begin the visit with a panoramic tour of the city which will take you to Bratislava Castle (outsides), which dates from 1811, after the previous castle burned down, and from where you will enjoy a breathtaking view over the Danube and the city. The main historical monuments are located in the Old Town and the coach will drop you off at its entrance to continue the visit on foot. You will enter through Michael's Gate, which is the only gate still surviving from the Middle-Ages. Then you will head for the central square surrounded by elegant buildings, some in Art Nouveau style, and dominated by the old Bratislava Town Hall. The tour continues with the Primate's Palace (outsides) completed in 1781 for Archbishop Jozef Bathyány. As you stroll through the streets, you may come across some of the amusing statues that are dotted around the capital. After the guided tour, you will have some free time and will return to the boat on foot or by coach depending on sailing times - Duration approx. 3 hours

2020 Prices - £27.00 Pre Booked / £30.00 On Board

2021 Prices - £30.00 Pre Booked / £33.00 On Board



Guided Tour of the Melk Abbey (Classic & Discovery Tour) - Departure by coach in company of your host/hostess towards Melk Abbey. We will meet up with our guides in the inner courtyard to start our visit. The Abbey overlooking the Danube was first built as the Babenberg's fortified castle. It was founded in the 11th century and the current buildings of the Benedictine abbey date from the Baroque era and were designed by architect Jakob Prandtauer. Melk Abbey now houses a museum in which you'll discover several rooms that have been enhanced thanks to architecture, sound and light as well as the use of various types of media. Computer animations will tell you a story about the construction of the edifices. You will also visit the marble hall, the world famous library and the bedchambers where a number of illustrious visitors have slept - Duration approx. 1.75 hours

2020 Prices - £38.00 Pre Booked / £42.00 On Board

2021 Prices - £46.00 Pre Booked / £51.00 On Board

The High Art of Viennese Living - Music & Viennese Cafes (Discovery Package) - Your guide will meet you at the ship, where you'll set off on foot for the subway station to discover the high art of Viennese living. You'll stroll through the city and visit back stage in the Konzerthaus* concert hall, which has the Vienna Symphony, Vienna Chamber Orchestra, Wiener Singakademie and Klangforum Wien in residence. You'll tour the prominent institution that features about 750 events per year with our guide who will explain the hall's history. then you'll head back stage where we might be able to catch a glimpse of a performer or two! After our tour, relax in one of the local cafés and enjoy a steaming cup of Vienna Coffee and a delicious pastry. After our tour, you'll return to the ship on the subway - Duration approx. 4 hours

2020 Prices - £58.00 Pre Booked / £64.00 On Board

2021 Prices - £66.00 Pre Booked / £73.00 On Board

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Vienna & Schönbrunn Palace (Classic Package) - You will first take the famous Ring Road, one of the personal projects of Emperor Franz Joseph. In 1857, he ordered the demolition of the city walls and moats and laid out the exact size of the boulevard. Along the Ring Road, you will admire the architectural showcase of the old Austro-Hungarian monarchy, including the State Opera, the Hofburg Palace, the Natural History Museum, the City Hall, the Burgtheater and more. Upon arrival at Schönbrunn Palace, you’ll be guided through the numerous rooms of the Habsburgs’ summer residence which bear witness to the splendour of the Court at the time of Maria Theresa. Take advantage of some free time to wander through the Palace gardens. The coach will then take you downtown for an occasion to discover Vienna on your own  - Duration approx. 4 hours

2020 Prices - £58.00 Pre Booked / £61.00 On Board

2021 Prices - £68.00 Pre Booked / £72.00 On Board

Hofburg Vienna

* The Konzerthaus tour might be replaced by the Musikverein or the opera if it is booked for shows or unavailable.



CroisiEurope offer 2 Types of Excursions: Classic & Discovery

THE CLASSIC EXCURSIONS - Are based on culture, architecture and history to give you a more authentic experience!

THE DISCOVERY EXCURSIONS - Are designed for the adventurous, the offbeat, or those who are looking for something new.

When Booking Excursions - You can pick & mix between Classic & Discovery Excursions or book the full package for additional discount. You can pre-book your shore excursions at a discounted price, or wait until you are on on board, however please note these are then subject to availability and are NOT at the discounted price.


  • Day 2 (AM) - Visit to Schönbrunn Palace

  • Day 2 (PM) - Visit to Hofburg Palace

  • Day 2 (PM) -  Tour of Vienna by night

  • Day 3 (PM) - Sightseeing tour of Budapest

  • Day 4 - Visit the Puszta

  • Day 5 (PM) - Guided tour of Bratislava

  • Day 6 (PM) - Visit to Melk Abbey

2020 Prices: £274.00 Pre-Booked / £320.00 On Board

2021 Prices: £338.00 Pre-Booked / £371.00 On Board


  • Day 2 (AM) - The High Art of Viennese living

  • Day 2 (PM) - Visit to Hofburg Palace

  • Day 2 (PM) - Tour of Vienna by night

  • Day 3 (PM) - Budapest by Bike

  • Day 4 - Visit the Puszta

  • Day 5 (PM) - Hiking tour of Bratislava

  • Day 6 (PM) - Visit to Melk Abbey

2020 Prices: £303.00 Pre-Booked / £356.00 On Board

2021 Prices: £366.00 Pre-Booked / £406.00 On Board

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